Jan 14 2009

The secret to doing laundry…now with sound

The secret to doing laundry?  Get your first-ever gig on the radio because you’re a writer.

I blog about once-a-month for Huffington Post Chicago, but yesterday the post I wrote landed on the national site, in the Living section.  As if that wasn’t fabulous enough, I received an email from a radio producer at WABC AM in New York, asking me if I’d like to talk about Facebook with Curtis Sliwa on the radio.  I did a little internet digging just to make sure this producer was for real, which took all of seven seconds, so I wouldn’t end up talking to a fake Curtis Sliwa — and I said yes.  Then I contacted some media savvy colleagues and friends, asked for advice on Twitter, blasted my news on Facebook and I waited.

And while I waited, she wrote on my Facebook wall.

When 10:30 pm was coming around and I was waiting for the call from the producer, do you know what I did to stop the pacing and quell the nerves?

I folded towels.

Edited to add:

CLICK HERE for the podcast version of The Curtis Sliwa Show. My segment starts at minute 33, and if you move the “ball” slightly to the left of the center of the line (very technical terms, folks) you’ll be right there. My 13 year old said I sounded like I knew what I was talking about, and that I didn’t sound stupid. I consider that high praise.

If you think I sounded stupid, you can take it up with her.